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Expanding Feminist Activism Essay -- Feminism Essays

Growing Feminist Activism I picked this point for the most part in view of intrigue. When contemplating the possibility of women's liberation beside all generalizations one would think the battle for ladies' privileges. The thought sounds bound together in saying and one would accept most ladies were included. For quite a while the ladies' development applied to simply white privileged females. I found a source on radical ladies, which concentrated on the influential thoughts of racial domination. This article was designed for white ladies, and the objective attempting to be accomplished was equivalent status as men in the work place, and no rights for minorities. As anyone might expect a significant number of these members were in the Ku Klux Klan. What is interesting to me is that while these ladies are making this incredible represent ladies and mankind they are repudiating themselves too. By what method would u be able to have a battle for equity and balance, when not every person is permitted to take an interest? I found another source which was called Feminism is For Everybody composed by chime Hooks. Its attention was on her assessment of the women's activist development and how she felt it excessively was centered around the white working class. At the point when the development opened up and stretched out themselves to different gatherings there was as yet a huge issue. A considerable lot of them expected that each other gathering was battling for something very similar, and on the off chance that they weren't well they should change sees in light of the fact that there way was the right way. What's significant with this circumstance isn't each gathering endures the equivalent, there are likenesses yet the ultimate objective can in some cases be unique. The main sight was one was called, Expanding the limits of the Women's development: Black women's liberation and the battle for government assistance rights. This article is basic; it portrays the requirements and needs of women 's activist from Afric... ...This is both useful and intriguing in light of the fact that we are by and by to see distinctive culture address various issues. Their spotlights are on making a more grounded bond and bind together the ladies. Russo, Ann. White Women, Antiracism, and women's liberation. Indiana, 1991. This book was one which we read in class that examines the thoughts and purposes of perspectives on Russo and the thoughts of racial oppression. This was in reality accommodating in light of the fact that it brought back past and conceivable future thoughts of racial oppression and prejudice. Voices from the Gaps. Ringer Hooks. (Feb. 1998) . Online Voices from the Gap. Web. February 12, 1998. Accessible: This site for the most part centers around more foundation data of woman's rights and her perspectives. It likewise gives various sites that one could scan for additional data. This is both savvy and supportive.

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What Is Cyber Forensic Information Technology Essay

What Is Cyber Forensic Information Technology Essay Digital criminology is the procedure of securing, verification, investigation and documentation of proof recovered from the frameworks or online used to carry out the wrongdoing. The frameworks could be from PCs, systems, advanced media or capacity gadgets that could contain important data for the specialists to analyze. From on the web, it could be from web based business spaces or different sites. In digital crime scene investigation, document or information cutting strategies are most generally used to separate computerized proof from the source; hard drive or online space (Ibrahim, 2011, p. 137). PC legal sciences is significant not on the grounds that it recovers documents concealed or erased from capacity gadgets and frameworks however it can likewise tell criminology specialists whether are there any dubious exercises going on or had the frameworks been messed with. PC legal sciences had helped understood the issue of recouping data from records where document framework is ina ccessible or record framework structure is ruined. Records might be deliberately erased or more awful designed to the enthusiasm of the suspect to disguise his activities. In todays current period where innovation has an impact in practically all the electronic gadgets, it is imperative to realize when required, how a prepared legal sciences expert can perform up to desire, in gathering and present his proof discoveries to comparing organizations (Ibrahim, 2011, p.138). History of Cyber Forensics The uprise of digital crime scene investigation began as right on time as 1984, because of the developing interest from law requirement offices like FBI (John, 2003, p. 366). Anyway advanced crime scene investigation has been around as ahead of schedule as almost the primary birth of PC (Greg, 2012, p. 1). Since 1980s, legal sciences applications are created by significant law implementation organizations to analyze PC proof. Because of legal sciences developing needs, FBI set up CART; otherwise called Computer Analysis and Response Team. Truck was entrusted with the job of breaking down PC proof. Truck capacities and strategies were so enormously utilized and execution by them was so incredible; other law implementation organizations outside the nation immediately copied them by building up the equivalent digital legal sciences office (John, 2003, p. 366). Assessments of criminology proof are ordinarily held in legal sciences research facilities or tidy up rooms by PC legal sciences specialists. A decent and learned crime scene investigation master is best wanted to be currently assessment, as it is consistently indispensable to unreasonable the honesty of the information and not decimate it. Numerous legal sciences specialists have their own norms and strategies on how PC crime scene investigation assessments are directed which can be a major issue. Having twofold principles could endanger the respectability, respectably and legitimacy of the computerized proof which could bring about genuine ramifications en route. Hence, as ahead of schedule as 1991, proposals were made to smooth out and normalize the assessment procedures and conventions had been raised. The reason for existing was to smoothen out harsh edges approach utilized in proof finding. In the long run, all these prompted the arrangement of International Organization on Com puter Evidence and Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence (SWGDE). It turned into an overall exertion to help law requirement organizations around the world to cooperate all the more intimately with respect to legal sciences assessments (John, 2003, p. 366). Throughout the years as present day innovation propels, so have the crimes on the Net, utilizing these advances. Violations multiplied with the development of innovation as well as gave no indication of easing back down with the present circumstance. Lawbreakers split their minds how to sidestep security imperfections in the frameworks while security groups conceptualized on the most proficient method to improve security frameworks to keep hoodlums off. Billions of dollars were lost to cybercrime which part of it went into criminal pockets and reserve criminal operations. It will consistently be a cop and criminal game to see who ventured capable of preventing each other from doing wrongdoing on the Internet first (John, 2003, p. 367). What is Digital Evidence? Computerized proof is proof as delicate duplicate however not printed copy as the term recommended so. It tends to be in an information position, it very well may be a piece of writings, pictures, sound or video. Computerized proof isn't exactly like physical wrongdoing proof. Proof from physical wrongdoing scene is strong somewhat, it tends to be kept and brought down with camera and clarified. Be that as it may, this isn't the situation for computerized proof, any off-base move to look at the proof may adjust or devastate the proof without ready to rollback (Eoghan, 2011, p. 7). Advanced proof is so delicate, it tends to be handily harmed, altered or obliterated intentionally. That is the reason more often than not, unique proof are frequently copied and examination is completed on the copied duplicate to forestall any disaster of harming the first duplicate. Extent of computerized proof assessment can be wide, it very well may be either on the web or disconnected. Instances of them are charge card exchanges, Internet interchanges history, hard drives and other stockpiling gadgets (Barry, William, Catherine, 2009, p. 295). Computerized proof is basic to an examination on the grounds that the data on the proof can mention to the examiner what truly occurred and sorted out the entire picture. Crime scene investigation specialists are searching for any type of metadata, dubious substance and other information living in the hard drive. Each and every snap by the client on the PC was recorded by the framework and a prepared criminology master can tell from one lo ok what sorts of movement and want the client was occupied with. better than any other individual. The recorded logs act like a social database; archiving each and every development on the PC utilized by anybody (Eoghan, 2003, p. 8). The outcomes will be incomprehensible in this insurgency period of innovation, if computerized proof isn't accessible. It implies hoodlums, psychological militants and law breaking guilty parties are utilizing innovation to carry out their cybercrimes and maintain a strategic distance from anxiety because of the absence of proof, or most noticeably awful, bring capturing those utilizing legitimate intends to an unheard of level for law implementation offices. If so, it will mean these lawbreakers will escape without any penalty. Computerized proof can come clean with judges or specialists, it can likewise demonstrate ones blameless in a wrongdoing. Computerized proof talks reality. Computerized proof can likewise reveal a greater wrongdoing plot really taking shape, similar to kill, medicate managing, charge card burglary, or arranged fear based oppressor assaults Be that as it may, some of the time crime scene investigation master can meet their match, individuals who are in fact proficient in legal sciences and expertise to shroud their tracks. This will make revealing ones track of grimy accomplishing progressively dreary and troublesome. (Eoghan Casey, p. 6 8) Proof Preservation The absolute initial step of beginning an examination on the wrongdoing scene itself is to safeguard the computerized proof in the manner itself. It is a basic advance on account of the delicacy of computerized proof and systems are should have been in put to maintain a strategic distance from defilement or loss of the proof. Defilement can likewise mean modifying, harming or obliterating the computerized proof. It is imperative to limit any odds of debasing the advanced proof at the purpose of seizure and entire of the examination procedure (Boddington, 2011, p. 4). There are strategies and procedures out there to help individual crime scene investigation specialists to keep computerized proof from being accidentally messed with. Specialists can use strategy, for example, Imaging and Write-square. Imaging is proportional to ghosting a reinforcement duplicate of the entire PC hard drive (proof) into a delicate duplicate. So agents chip away at the ghosted duplicate of the hard drive and the first hard drive is kept one side. Regardless, if the ghosted duplicate is adulterated; agents can pull out the first hard drive and make another duplicate to deal with. Compose square is another acceptable method to forestall unique proof being adjusted. The proof media is associated with a unique machine that can forestall any endeavor to overwrite the information on the gadget. In this manner, the proof on the hard drive can't be adjusted as any endeavor to compose on the media had been obstructed by the exceptional machine (Barry, William, Catherine, 2009, p. 301). The explanation for protection of computerized proof is basic. While submitting advanced proof for documentations or lawful purposes in any court or lawful office, genuine confirmation is required to show right discoveries on the examination. It needed to show equivalent to the display seized at the wrongdoing scene. This wonder is additionally normally known as chain of guardianship. For instance, in a digital criminology wrongdoing condition, such shows would be media stockpiling gadgets, a duplicate of advanced proof from the hard circle seized, etc (Boddington, 2011, p. 5). Chain of authority fundamentally is a guide that obviously delineates the procedure of how advanced proof were prepared; gathered, broke down and protected so as to be introduced as computerized proof in court. A chain of guardianship will likewise be expected to feature whether the proof is reliable or not. To meet all the necessities for chain of authority, three models are fundamental. Right off the bat, no change must be done to the proof from the day of seizure. Besides, a copy duplicate should have been made and it must be useful; not adulterated. In conclusion, all proof and media are made sure about. Ready to give this chain of authority is whole is an examiner essential instrument in verifying all the electronic proof (John, 2005, p. 247). On the off chance that the chain of guardianship is broken, advanced proof gathered from the scene submitted to the court can be denied as the proof would had been modified and probably won't come clean of the proof. This is an examiner most exceedingly terrible bad dream. In any circumstance, chain of care is best followed to demonstrate that proof doesn't get sullied and remained in unique state. Be that as it may, there are events where gathering proof without al

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Jalapeño Bacon Mac and Cheese for the Homeless

Jalapeño Bacon Mac and Cheese for the Homeless If you  read my last post, Ive had a pretty hard October. However, the outpouring of responses from high school and college students alike sharing similar stories helped me realize how were all struggling. But more importantly, were all here for each other. Well, I decided that regardless of the daily struggle of MIT, I wanted to take time out of my day to do something more meaningful and larger than myself. What surprised me was how many other people were willing to do the same. About a month ago, while browsing the Internet, I came across the statistic that 49 million Americans struggle to put food on the table everyday, and I thought to myself, Lets do something about that. Tonight. So I got together with my friend from Bentley University and started an Indiegogo campaign to feed 100 homeless people in Boston this Thanksgiving. We partnered with a homeless shelter to donate the proceeds to and, in less than two weeks, enough Bentley and MIT students donated that we reached our goal. But we werent done showing everyone what us students were capable of just yet. A new shelter run by Harvard students just opened up, called Y2Y Harvard Square. And we wanted to provide their 30 homeless youth with warm clothing for the upcoming winter. So we extended our campaign. Pretty soon, Strideline joined our mission as our national sponsor and donated a pair of socks and gloves to the new shelter for every pair bought through our campaign. We raised enough for 30 pairs of socks and 30 gloves. We then raised enough money to also provide 30 winter hats as well. Not too long after, Lovepop Cards, Revolution of Hope, the Roxbury Youth Orchestra, and Tech 101 4 Kids donated to our cause. Then, Oros joined our mission and is now donating 30 jackets if we hit $3,000. We have raised $2,733 in less than a month. Thats students coming together and contributing. Its crazy to see people that I have never met before come alongside our campaign to feed and clothe the homeless. Even students on a budget are supporting us. Through the giving and sharing of this campaign we are changing the way people think about homelessness and hunger forever. So far weve been featured in HerCampus, the Odyssey, and Polly Mcgees blog. Together, we can change the world.

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The Debate Over the Clearcutting Method

Clear-cutting is a method of harvesting and regenerating trees in which all trees are cleared from a site and a new, even-age stand of timber is grown. Clear-cutting is only one of several methods of timber management and harvest in both private and public forests. However, this method has always been controversial, even more so since the environmental awareness that began in the mid-1960s. Many conservation and citizen groups object to clear-cutting any forest, citing soil and water degradation, unsightly landscapes, and other damages. The wood products industry and mainstream forestry professionals defend clear-cutting as an efficient, successful silvicultural, or forestry, system but only under certain conditions where non-timber assets are not degraded. The choice of clear-cutting by forest owners is greatly dependent upon their objectives. If that objective is maximum timber production, clear-cutting can be financially efficient with lower costs for timber harvesting than other tree harvesting systems. Clear-cutting has also proved successful for regenerating stands of certain tree species without damaging the ecosystem. Current Status The Society of American Foresters, which represents mainstream forestry, promotes clear-cutting as a method of regenerating an even-aged stand in which a new age class develops in a fully exposed microclimate after removal, in a single cutting, of all trees in the previous stand. Theres a debate about the minimum area constituting a clear-cut, but typically, areas smaller than 5 acres would be considered patch cuts. Larger cleared forests more easily fall into the classic, forestry-defined clear-cut. Removing trees and forests to convert land to nonforest urban development or rural agriculture isnt considered clear-cutting. This is called land conversion, converting the use of land from forest to another type of enterprise. The Issues Clear-cutting is not a universally accepted practice. Opponents of the practice of cutting every tree within a specific area contend it degrades the environment. Forestry professionals and resource managers argue that the practice is sound if used properly. In a report written for a major private forest owner publication, three extension specialists—a forestry professor, an assistant dean of a major college of forestry, and a state forest health specialist—agree that clear-cutting is a necessary silvicultural practice. According to the article, a complete clear-cut usually creates the best conditions for regenerating stands under certain circumstances and should be used when those conditions occur. This is opposed to a commercial clear-cut where all trees of marketable species, size, and quality are cut. This process doesnt take into account any concerns addressed by forest ecosystem management. Aesthetics, water quality, and forest diversity  are the main sources of public objection to clear-cutting. Unfortunately,  an often disinterested public and casual viewers of forestry activities have overwhelmingly decided that clear-cutting is not an acceptable social practice simply by looking at the practice from their car windows. Negative terms such as deforestation, plantation forestry, environmental degradation, and excess and exploitation are closely associated with clear-cutting. Clear-cutting in national forests now can only be done if its used to further the improvement of ecological objectives to include wildlife habitat improvement or to preserve forest health, but not for economic gain. Pros Proponents of clear-cutting suggest that its a sound practice if the right conditions are met and correct harvest methods are used. Conditions for which clear-cutting can be used as a harvesting tool include: Regenerating tree species that need full sunlight to stimulate seed sprouting and seedling growth.Dealing with sparse, exposed, or shallow-rooted trees in danger of being damaged by  wind.Trying to produce an even-aged stand.Regenerating stands of tree species dependent on wind-blown seed, root suckers, or cones that need fire to drop seed.Salvaging over-mature stands and/or stands killed by insects, disease, or fire.Converting to another tree species by planting or seeding.Providing habitat for wildlife species that require an edge, new ground, and high-density, even-aged stands. Cons Opponents of clear-cutting suggest that its a destructive practice and should never be done. Here are their reasons, although not  every one of these can be supported by current scientific data: A clear-cut increases soil erosion, water degradation, and increased  silting  in creeks, rivers, and reservoirs.Old-growth forests, which have been systematically clear-cut, are healthy ecosystems that have evolved over centuries to be more resistant to insects and disease.Clear-cutting inhibits the sustainability of healthy, holistic forest ecosystems.Aesthetics and quality forest views are compromised by clear-cutting.Deforestation and the resulting removal of  trees  from clear-cutting  lead  to a plantation forestry mentality and results in environmental degradation.

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Tennis Worlds E-Commerce Marketing Plan - 1249 Words

Tennis world Executive summary Tennis world is an e-commerce business company dealing with all sorts of tennis merchandise you can think of; this is ranging from tennis balls, tennis rackets, tennis wear, tennis video instructions and any other accessories you can think of that is associated with the sport. Tennis world aims to be a leader in the market for all the tennis merchandise not only in the U.S but to the rest of the world too. In recent times there have been instances of internet companies failing but we as Tennis world intend to venture, survive and grow in the e-commerce world. We have a mission to offer our tennis merchandize using the internet as our key marketing tool. We also intend to reach a wide range of customers the young and the old with no barrier whatsoever since the internet is accessible all over the world. We intend to make our sites the place where everyone loves to visit and want to find out more and more of what is on offer in our company (, 2012). Tennis w orld intends to create sites that everyone wants to visit and offer incredible prices and discounts that will leave our customers wanting to buy more. We intend to maintain our customers and strive to be not just the best but the best of them all in the industry. Market summary Our target market is a vast one that ranges from individuals who have minimum requirements to other large companies with more expensive and solid orders. To achieve this we intend to look at ourShow MoreRelatedFactors Affecting A Company s Success1830 Words   |  8 Pagesservice to customers, stakeholders and the public. â€Å"Promotional strategy objectives vary among organizations. Some use promotion to expand their markets, and others use it to defend their current positions (Boone, L. E., Kurtz, D. L.).† Promotion is one of the key elements of the marketing mix, and compacts with any one or two way communication that occurs with the consumer. Once you’ve acknowledged your target market, you’ll have a good idea of the best way to grasp your customers, but most businessesRead MoreA Comparison of Strategies in Sports Marketing1976 Words   |  8 Pagesorganization is established, it has some mission and vision. This mission and vision define i ts operation and research. To fulfill the organization’s mission they have to develop top level plans and sustain long term competitive advantage that is Strategy. Following this definition, when an organization has mission, develop a plan and understand the â€Å"sustainable† competitive advantage - where competitor cannot easily duplicate the firm’s strategy. The most difficult challenges facing organizations isRead MoreMarketing Strategy3347 Words   |  14 Pagesâ€Å"Quality Takes Time† MARKETING STRATEGY MKT 306 Tutor: Ms. Alison Watson Due: Monday, January 10th, 2011 Table of Content 1.0 Brief History of Wrist Watch Industry 2.0 Executive Summary 2.1 Rolex Competitors 2.2 Rolex Marketing Tools and Techniques 3.0 Introduction 4.0 Situational Analysis (SWOT) 4.1 Situational Analysis (PESTLE) 5.0 Differential Advantages / Competitive Edge (USP) 6.0 Segmentation Targeting and Positioning (STP) 6.1 RolexRead MoreMarketing audit of Nike3562 Words   |  15 PagesMARKETING AUDIT PROJECT ON: SUBMITTED BY: ANOOP KHURANA -2012081 SHASHANK MAKKAR -2012*** MANRAJ SINGH SANDHU-2012136 OJASWI SHARMA-2012154 SUSHANT SHARMA-2012156 INDEX SR. NO. CONTENT PAGE NO. 1 INTRODUCTION 2 2 ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECTS †¢ ECONOMIC †¢ CUSTOMER †¢ COMPETITION 3 MARKETING ASPECTS †¢ OBJECTIVES †¢ STRATEGIES †¢ TACTICS 6 4 4P’S Read MoreConsumer Behavior Towards Online Shopping18477 Words   |  74 PagesCONSUMER BEHAVIOUR TOWARDS ONLINE SHOPPING (E-Shopping) Submitted To, L.J. Institute of Business Administration Vastrapur, Ahmedabad Project Guide, Prof. Saurin Shah Submitted by Name Roll No. 1. Siddharth Iyer 47 2. Raj Joisar 55 3. Keval Amreliya 05 4. Dhanraj Solanki 145 5. Akash Gupta 43 6. Simpy Harwani 45 7.Read MoreFour Seasons Marketing Plan6707 Words   |  27 PagesNotebook Four Seasons Marketing Plan Steve Callis Carlos-David Islas-Labastida Renee Werner April 25, 2006 Georgia State University Table of Contents Topic Part One: United Arab Emirates Country Notebook I. Introduction II. Geography III. Economic Environment IV. Cultural Environment V. Business Customs and Practices VI. Political Environment VII. Legal Environment VIII. Marketing Research IX. Other Statistics X. Competitive Environment Part Two: Four Seasons Marketing Plan I. Target Market IIRead MoreSbi Bank Po12965 Words   |  52 Pages3. How many meaningful English words can be made with the letters DLEI using each letter only once in each word? 1) None 2) One 3) Two 4) Three 5) More than three 4. Among A, B, C, D and E, each having different weight, D is heavier than only A and C is lighter than B and E. Who among them is the heaviest? 1)B 2)E 3)C 4) Data inadequate 5) None of these 5. Each odd digit in the number 5263187 is substituted by the next higher digit and each even digit is substituted by the previous lower digit andRead MorePrinciples of Marketing: Nike Inc9497 Words   |  38 Pagesmutinous a nd headstrong nature to think out of the box by means of innovation and inspiration (Katz 1994) Principles of Marketing Principles of Marketing TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 3 The Story So Far 3 MARKETING ORIENTATION 3 Types of Orientation 4 COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE 7 Porter’s five forces 7 Porter’s Generic Strategies 9 The MARKETING MIX 11 Product 11 The Ansoff Matrix 13 BCG Matrix 14 Product Life Cycle 16 Price 19 Nike’s pricing StrategiesRead MorePG Corparate10304 Words   |  42 Pages(Actual) 4 Mission Statement (Actual) 4 Mission Statement (Proposed) 4 Vision Statement (Proposed) 5 Slogan (Proposed) 5 The CPM Matrix of Pamp;G Company 6 External Factor Evaluation (EFE) Matrix for Procter and Gamble (Pamp;G) 9 The I/E matrix for Procter and Gamble (Pamp;G) 14 Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE) Matrix for Procter and Gamble (Pamp;G) 16 A SWOT Matrix of Pamp;G Company 21 Strengths 23 Weaknesses 23 Opportunities 24 Threats 24 The FOUR strategies 25 TheRead MoreMarketing Management - Nike Case Study6867 Words   |  28 PagesMarketing Plan for NIKE MM 522 – Keller Gratudate School of Management Executive

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April Morning Free Essays

April Morning Writing Assignment Adam Cooper and his father Moses do not have a good relationship. Moses expects a lot from Adam. Adam feels like his father hates him and does not approve of him. We will write a custom essay sample on April Morning or any similar topic only for you Order Now Adam’s mother asks him why he does not spend his free time reading the bible like his father did when he was younger. He is constantly getting nagged by his parents. Adam believes in superstition and his parents do not approve of it. If Moses were to try and understand Adam a little more and be easier on him I believe their relationship would be better. They both need to meet each other halfway. If they were to sit down nd talk about their disagreements their relationship would improve. Watching the scene where the British open Fire on the colonists on Lexington’s green affected me in certain ways. When we were blind folded and caught of guard when the fireworks were thrown it scared me greatly. I can only imagine what it must have been like to watch so many people die, especially friends and family. War is a scary thought and to experience it first hand must be even worse. Thinking about the pain of the people who’s loved ones died on that war is very sad to me . Also thinking about the pain the actual people in the war had to endure is upsetting. I believe the point that the author is trying to make at the end of the movie is that Adam is now a man who has to make his own decisions. I feel that it is a bittersweet feeling for Adam, because his father dies, but now he is the boss of himself. Adam’s family was very upset that his father died, but very thankful that Adam was alive. The war changed Adam and his family’s lives completely. Even though in the ending of the movie no one was talking, it was still obvious as to what was going on. Overall, this was a great movie and taught me a lot about war around that time period. How to cite April Morning, Papers

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Macroeconomics Singapore Government Forecasts

Question: Describe about the Report for Macroeconomics of Singapore Government Forecasts. Answer: Summary of the Article: Singapore government forecasts the growth rate of economic performance of Singapore stays around 1 to 3 percent. However, there is a disagreement of economist regarding the proposed statistics of this economic performance. According to them, it is likely to be the lower than this. The growth rate of economic performance may be 1.5 to 2.5 percent. Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and Ministry of Trade and Industry publish an annual report on July 25th. Central Bank keeps a close look at the exit of Britten from the European Union, the issue of decreasing pace of Chinas economic growth and quick recovery of UKs economy. However, according to MAS, the economy of Singapore is losing its pace of growth in the first six months, likely to increase its pace in the following half of the year. Economists take into account the issue of Brexit and Chinas low-pace economic performance (Room 2016); suggest the economic growth rate is around 1.5 percent to 2.5 percent. The economist of OCBC Ba nk suggests almost the same figure. MAS and economist of DBS even fear of fall of the growth rate even lower by this time. According to MAS, trade cluster is likely showing some improvement. There is improvement in certain sectors or industry like electronics, sea- transport and the wholesale. Manufacturing sector shows an improvement from 0.5 percent to 0.8 percent in the second quarter than the first quarter of the year. Construction and service sectors do not show that much of improvement. However, there is a requirement of improvement in these sectors. According to Ravi Menon, the managing director of MAS, if there is no such improvement; the growth rate may be lower than the previous year. This is a real concern of the government of Singapore (Leong, Ashokkumar and Kentish 2016). MAS recommend the policy for appreciation of zero in foreign exchange. Central Bank realizes a need of change in the existing monetary policies. MAS expectation is that gradually increasing inflation rate can cause to change in the decision of the Central Bank regarding the monetary policy. However, Central Bank clearly shows its intentions for an unchanged monetary policy. There is an interest of MAS to ensure the financial integrity of the Singapore economy. Central Bank takes some steps for the financial institution to manage the flows related to 1MDB. The statement of the Central Bank is far more comprehensible to the public than the usual one. There is a clear disappointment of MAS regarding a declining reputation of Singapore economy as a trustable center of finance. To decrease the activities of money laundering, MAS suggests active and strong regulatory framework, a corporation from the close boarder, strong supervision on a financial institution and proper enforcement of law s. Enforcement of proper rules and regulations can prevent various fraudulence and illegal activities of Singapore (Quah 2016). Economic Definition used in this analysis: Economic Growth: In case of Singapore, economist hopes that the growth of the economy or the economic performance of the Singapore economy is 1.5% to 2%. This figure of the rate of growth of the Singaporean economy is not convincing. To sustain its past brilliant performance of the economy, the policy makers should look forward, approve and implement the required changes to the existing policies, according to the needs of the economy (Harvie and Van 2016). Inflation: The expectation of MAS regarding the future or the inflation rate of 2016 is in between -0.1% to 0%. Monetary policy: The monetary authority of Singapore (MAS), manages all the monetary policies of Singapore. Central Bank of Singapore plays a crucial role in determining the various policies in the field of various monetary factors like rate of interest, rate of foreign exchange, inflation, and price stability. Volatility in the price can cause serious problem to the economy. Therefore, there should be price stability. Money laundering: The Central Bank of Singapore sets up a new body to prevent the act of money laundering. The rising case of money laundering is the main reason of deterioration in the trust on the Singaporean economy in any related financial flows (Jansen 2016). Economic Analysis: According to MAS, the expected growth rate of Singapore is not very impressive in 2016. The joint study of MAS and Ministry of trade and industry of Singapore publishes a report on the expected rate of growth of the economy. This report suggests that the future rate of growth of the economy stays between 1.5 to 2.5 percent. There may be several reasons behind this lower growth rate. The influential effects are the sudden exit of Britten from the European Union, the economic recovery of UK and slow growth rate of China. Adding to this context, there are some hopes arise for the performance of manufacturing, sea transport and the wholesale industry. However, the performances of the service sectors and construction sectors are not so impressive ( 2016). In recent day, to sustain a development of the emerging economy like Singapore, there is a requirement of sustained increase in a tertiary sector like transport and service sectors along with a healthy increase in primary and secondary sectors. However, the trends and performance of the economy of Singapore in the tertiary sector are not that remarkable. Along with this problem, the Central Bank does not make them ready to change their monetary policies. Its market policies are inconsistent with the ongoing economic situation in Singapore. Inflation rate gradually starts increasing. There are also various problems of money laundering and financial-flows related 1MDB. In the following diagram, there is a graph of the growth rate of GDP of Singapore (Room 2016). In figure 4, the horizontal axis measures the time and vertical axis measures the growth rate of GDP of Singapore. The following graph shows the rate of GDP of Singapore from 2011 to 2016. The measurement of the rate of GDP is on a quarter scales. The blue bars are showing the division of GDP from quarter-to- quarter scale. The red line indicates the variation of the rate of GDP from year to year scale. The year-to-year scale shows a sharp decline in the rate of GDP in the period of 2011, and then it is fluctuating. It stats increasing at mid-quarter of 2013 till the last quarter. Then again, it starts decreasing and after then showing a fluctuation and remains lower till the end of first quarter of 2016 (Schmoke et al. 2016). Quote from the given article, the central bank also said on Monday unless there was a marked deterioration in the global economy, or a significant shift in the inflation outlook, there is no need to change its current monetary policy stance----- this means that the central bank does not ready to change its monetary policies. The central bank changes its monetary policies if the inflation rate is significantly high or any urgent requirement arises. Figure 1, shows the demand for money and figure 2, represents the supply of money. In figure 3, first curve shows the short run equilibrium and the second graph shows the long run equilibrium of the money market. In short run aggregate supply curve is upward sloping and aggregate demand curve is downward sloping. As the demand increases relative to supply, price level rises. In long run, aggregate supply is fixed. Therefore, increase in money supply raises the aggregate demand and raises the level of price. The demand for money has a negati ve relation with rate of interest and fixed money supply for a given time. The equilibrium in money supply and demand decides the rate of interest. As there is no hike in inflation, there is no change in the monetary policy by the central bank. Figure 1: demand for money (Source: created by author) Figure 2: supply of money (Source: created by author) Figure 3: demand and supply of money in SR and LR (Source: created by author) Figure 1:The growth rate of GDP (Source: created by author) Economic implication: From the above discussion, it is clear that Singapore economy faces a serious problem. Singapore government needs to keep a close look on the issue related to prevention of money laundering activities. The government should maintain the earned- reputation of Singapore in related financial matters and rescue back its position in the global market. The government should enhance and maintain the internal and external financial integrity. The growth of tertiary sectors is very important for any economy. Singapore shows an improved performance in the manufacturing means secondary sectors. However, there is a requirement of improvement of all the sectors in a balanced way. Therefore, there is need of a strong regulatory framework, strong supervision on the financial institution, proper enforcement laws (He 2016). Conclusion: The economy of Singapore is an emerging economics. It shows a very impressive growth rate in the past. All the sectors show remarkable improvement in this regard in the past. However, due to some reasons the economy of Singapore faces some troubles in no time. There is a strong influence of certain external economic changes on the Singaporean economy. Keeping an eye on these external issues, there is a requirement of serious concern of Singapore government and Central Bank. There is a requirement of giving strong emphasis on the recommended policies of efficient policy makers and to the expert economist. Central Bank should modify its current monetary policies. Various events of money laundering and other illegal activities cause deterioration in the financial reliability of the Singapore in the global market. Therefore, to earn the reputation of the economy all over again, there is a need for coordination of all the sectors of the economy. The proposed recommendations and evaluation s of 2016 annual report of MAS are very important. Therefore, there is a need for strong concern and effective implementation of various policies to recover from the present positions. Reference: Harvie, C. and Van Hoa, T., 2016.The causes and impact of the Asian financial crisis. Springer. He, D., 2016. 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